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We’re the first internationally-renowned beauty & wellness training center in Bahrain.

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We transform your passion into a career

With Adara’s expertise and support, you can pursue your passion and create a reputable career that can truly fulfill you. Our distinctive curriculum provides you with the skills necessary to help you make your mark in today’s beauty & wellness industry through a carefully planned combination of theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on training.

Adara’s story began with a simple yet ambitious dream. For every Bahraini and Khaleeji woman who aspires to work in the beauty & wellness field to be able to fulfill her ambitions. To achieve that dream, we employ only the most advanced techniques and equipment, under the expert supervision of handpicked international teaching staff.

Our Values & Proposition are aligned with every single one of our students in mind. Adara is your passport to the world of beauty & wellness. And before you embark on your exciting and life-changing journey, you can always count on us to be Ambitious, Disciplined, Trustworthy & Sincere.

Our Facilities

A training landmark in the heart of Bahrain

Located on the 40th floor of the iconic United Tower and surrounded by the modern beauty of Bahrain Bay, Adara is inspired by the ever-changing horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Our facilities include spacious classrooms, practical spa rooms and a students’ recreational area. Every corner of Adara was designed with our students’ wellbeing in mind and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Also, there is easy stair-free access, making Adara fully accessible for wheelchair-users.

Our Affiliations with the world-renowned CIDESCO organization in Switzerland and the distinguished beauty school ES Vichy in France serve as our inspiration and benchmark to guide and train our students. All our certifications are issued in partnership with these institutions.